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Gel Manicures 101: Tips for a Long Lasting Mani

It’s no secret that Gel Polish has taken over as queen of nail polishes. And with good reason — Gel Polish lasts much longer than it’s classic counterpart, imparts a high-shine …


Turning Spa Waste Into Clean Energy

We are so excited to announce that we have advanced our partnership with Green Circle Salons!

Being kind to our planet is a core value of Sunshrine Day Spa & Salon. Our current program has been a wild success. In 2017 alone we helped to divert over 950,000 lbs. of salon waste out of landfills and waterways. Waste such as color tubes, used hair foils & even hair trimmings are recycled responsibly through this amazing program and it’s a part of our business we are incredibly proud of.

Upcycling hair trimmings is one of our favourite initiatives of the Green Circle movement. Discarding hair trimmings into the trash and sending them away with the weekly garbage collection has always been industry standard practice. But did you know that human hair actually mummifies itself ensuring that it will take up space in our landfills forever? Through our partnership with Green Circle we are proud to say that all of our hair trimmings from Sunshrine are sent away to be turned into “hair booms”. Hair booms are essentially made up of human hair trimmings stuffed into nylon casings. Their purpose is to assist in the clean up of oil spills in oceans and waterways. These highly effective tools are superior to the traditional cotton method in two ways — they are more absorbent and they are reusable.

We are so pleased to have joined Green Circle’s newest effort — the responsible disposal of all Spa Waste! Through the new Waste 2 Energy program we will be now be recycling most of the garbage generated from our Spa. Items such as disposable files and buffers, discarded wax strips and makeup applicators will be sent to be turned into energy which will help power homes & businesses with clean energy. The leftover ash from this production will be used to make screenings for asphalt, bricks and roads.

We invite you to join us in supporting our eco initiatives for a cleaner, greener planet.

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With summer in full swing, you’re probably already tanned to the perfect golden glow, right?? And is your hair sun-kissed with natural highlights from all this sunshine? No?! Well don’t …