A Parafinn Wax Treatment is both warming and therapeutic; perfect for the first chilly days of fall! This treatment can be added to a manicure or pedicure to hydrate and heal dry, rough, or cracked skin and soothe inflamed joints.

Paraffin wax was first created in 1830 by the German chemist Karl von Reichenbach and has been shown to treat conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia. During a treatment, the hands or feet are dipped into a warm mixture of paraffin wax and mineral oil. This warming therapy uses heat to increase blood flow; thus improving circulation, relaxing the muscles, and soothing aching joints.

Our hands are often the most neglected and dehydrated part of our body. They are constantly exposed to drying environments, wind, chemicals in products, and hand washing. A paraffin manicure is known for its treatment of extremely dry skin because the heat of the wax opens the pores to infuse healing moisture. Paraffin is also great for enhancing and maintaining nail health.

Come in and try our paraffin manicure – special pricing when you book in on Mondays this fall season!!!

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