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Regular Bed

$0.45 per minute

100 minute Package
200 minute Package

Stand-Up Bed

$0.85 per minute

100 minute Package
200 minute Package

Turbo Bed

$0.90 per minuteĀ 

100 minute Package
200 minute Package


Spray Tan

Sunless Spray Tan is a soft Aloe Vera mist that moisturizes the body with quick start bronzers and deep tanning DHA for an instantly visible tan that continues to darken throughout the day and continue to last 4-6 days. Great for spur of the moment events and special occasions or for hard to tan skin types.

Face & Neck

Allow 10 minutes


Allow 15 minutes


Allow 15 minutes

Full Body

Allow 45 minutes


Tips for a Flawless Tan

1. Feel free to wear whatever you are comfortable with during your Spray Tan. We do not recommend wearing anything light colored or new as it could be stained during your service.
2. Refrain from using creams or lotions prior to your appointment.
3. We recommend wearing loose fitting, dark clothing directly following your treatment and for several hours after. We recommend that you do not wear a bra.
4. Touch-ups are rarely necessary so long as after care instructions are followed closely. If you feel you require a touch-up we are happy to do so within 24 hours of your initial visit.